No duplex unit, one paper tray B B Feed Cover Open Sensor In all modes, ID gamma correction can be adjusted with SP If all copies are clean, you don’t need to carry out the following steps. Using trial and error, adjust until the trim pattern is even. Enter the first-class program number with the numeric keypad or change the number using the Right or Left cursor key , and then press the ‘ key or the OK key.

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Pull out the upper paper tray. Displays the total number of special paper prints fed from the by-pass tray.

WMF Duplex Models 1. Reassemble and reinstall the PCU. Be careful to avoid damage to the hot roller stripper pawls and their tension springs. Check the side-to-side registration for each paper feed station, and adjust these registrations using SP You can select either a curve for textbased originals brings out text or a curve for photo originals better distinctions between aficil of dark colors.

Rear metal holding plate [D]! Reinstall the cable guide. Lower Relay Roller Displays the total number of prints fax mode.

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Clamp the relay cable [A] with the clamps [B], as shown. However note that Special 2 starts with a aticio value higher than normal line thickness, whereas the others begin at normal line thickness. Duplex control board [E]!

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To select a brand name, press the Original Type key and the OK or ‘ key at the same time. Select the required copy features such as paper size, image density, and reproduction ratio. Turn off the main switch. Try afiico remove with eye drops or flush with water as first aid. Auto shading corrects errors in the signal level for each pixel. WMF With a drum charge roller system, the voltage transferred from roller to drum varies with the temperature and humidity around the drum charge roller.

Energy Saver Timer 5. Europe, Asia, Taiwan [E], [F]: On duplex models, disconnect 3 connectors.

Aficio 1015/Aficio 1018/Aficio 1018D, 1505/1805/1805d, 1508/1808

This corresponds to a few mm at one end of the main scan line. Magnification aicio the main scan direction is done in the BiCU board, like for book mode. Upload from the BiCU to a flash memory card. WMF Sensor positions vary according to region, as indicated below.

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Right lower cover 1 rivet [B] BR Access SP mode and select the number corresponding to the list that you wish to print. Move the connector clear of the other wires, so that it will come out without snagging when you take off the by-pass tray. The zficio setting is sensor control 1 mode.

Aficio /Aficio /Aficio D, //d, / |

If a table is installed, this step is unnecessary. Press in 1805s the latch, and pull out the PCU. Re-tighten the screws loosened in step 1 [A] and remove the positioning tools.

For example, setting this value to 12 mm will cause the sensors to ignore binding holes up to 12 mm in diameter.