But I do not like tip active because the tip of gold shaft is too much soft and when I shot I feel that the head is not square but a little behind , so my ball goes on the right. But, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for me and to what I should choose. I hit in the high 80s mostly and i drive around with a very mediocre driver. All other characteristics crown paint finish, loft etching on heel, and Cleveland logo alignment aid on crown are all a dead match to the retail model, as I have verified in person. Also, are these a draw bias club or offset?

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Does anybody know if the non conforming If I decide to butt trim mon to bring down the swingweight, I will fire out another post. I draw the ball naturally, get a lot of distance, and I have a considerably quick club head speed, however too much loft.

We had to re-hit and play with the shafts a little bit, so I would recommend this kind of Cleveland event, or using a good club fitter to test out the various shafts to see which one is better for you. Try the red, stiff, 9. Backspin makes the ball rise higher and drop more vertically, especially into a breeze.

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Thanks Phil, I went in and just swapped clubs with the clubhouse this morning. Please log in to reply.

I found the D-5 swingweight hard to practice with for any length of time due to my personal swing characteristics. My swing speed is mph — mph and I get through the ball well. Gap wedge, putt and birdie. I agree with Bill — you have to find the right ball placement in your stance and swing plane. I am in the market for a new driver, and this one has caught my eye! I am mostly self taught, and spend far too much time messing around with different golf equipment.

I gained yards probably because of less spin on the ball and my friends were impressed and depressed. The regular XL is great, and confkrming fact it has a bit bigger face to hit with.

Cleveland Introduces Two New HiBore XL Drivers

I am a low single handicap player who has always put too much spin on the ball with the driver to get maximum distance when using a tour quality golf ball. Results 1 to 16 of 16 Thread: I’ve forgotten my password.

Almost night and day.

I purchased this head off the tour van. Assuming the conformity problem was head size.

Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Enjoy the article very much. I was going to hunt down that phone number and give someone there a call. I live in Las Vegas and this club gives me high launch with alot of zip on it so the spin is pretty low which allows for a 30 to 40 yard run out on these firm desert fairways.


This club just has a nice hefty feel and the ball shoots of the face very fast. Absolutely loved the feel and sound of the impact. I really like this driver but if I miss hit it is a pull or hook to the left. Went down to try irons. I play off 7 and try as I may hit it about yds. Good link, thanks for the info. Now i just need to get back to the swing I had when I demoed the XL.

No it does not come with an offset. Normally a 45 inch shaft tends to keep me in the right rough. Also thought the 8. Happy as can be and handicap going down real soon.

Giving a good hard swing at the 1st hole saw the ball slicing off.