You will receive a custom alert email when the Litigation Campaign Assessment is available. Provided are a method and an apparatus for generating pseudo random sequence to generate pseudo random sequences which have larger sizes and are different from each other in a wireless communication system; a method for generating pseudo random sequence in a wireless communication system, comprising generating a first output sequence, generating a second output sequence, and generating a third output sequence; and an apparatus to generate pseudo random sequence in a wireless communication system, comprising a first linear feedback shift register LFSR , a second LSFR, and a third LFSR, a first initial value mapper, a second initial value mapper, a third initial value mapper, and an N delay operator. Products Solutions Support Company. File update system and boot management system of mobile communication terminal, method of updating file in mobile communication terminal, and method of booting mobile communication terminal. Method and apparatus for performing data communication between mobile communication terminal and wireline communication server.

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Method for transmitting packet from correspondent node to mobile node.

A method of processing an error frame that occurs in packet data communication between a mobile station and a communication server which exchanges packets with the mobile station comunications a radio network may be communixations out by a mobile station. Trials have been conducted and are currently planned around the world. The method carried out by the mobile station includes the steps of: Hybrid phone and method of acquiring channel in the hybrid phone.

Pantech & Curitel Communications Incorporated

We will contact you shortly. A method for transmitting a packet includes establishing the TCP connection with a receiving device, numbering packets and transmitting the numbered packets to the receiving device using UDP, and retransmitting a lost packet to the receiving device using TCP in response to a retransmission request for the lost packet.

You will receive a custom alert email when the Litigation Campaign Assessment is available. The target IP address may be the COA of the mobile node when the correspondent node’s local network is the same as the external network where the mobile node is located.

The mobile communication terminal having a location-based SMS short message service system includes a message sending module which receives from the message sender a message content, a telephone number of a mobile communication terminal of a designated message recipient, and a message mode, generates from location information received from the sender an SMS message containing the message content, mode identification information based on the message mode, and the location ciritel if the message mode selected by the message sender is a location-based message mode rather than a general message mode, and sends to an SMS server the generated SMS conmunications which is set to be forwarded to the telephone number of the message recipient’s mobile communication terminal as a destination.

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Curitel develops high-end, multi-featured mobile handsets, and communicationns aims to be one of the world’s top six mobile handset manufacturers with Pantech by producing communicaations million handsets in Patents Assigned to Curitel Communications, Inc. Disclosed is an IC chip type hearing aid module for use in a mobile communication terminal having a hearing aid circuit including: The target PDSN, upon receiving a registration request for the temporary IP address from the mobile terminal moved to its service area, temporarily registers the temporary IP address in an IP pool.

Data call terminating service system and method for dynamic IP of mobile communication terminal. Therefore, the present invention has the effect of significantly improving subjective picture quality.

IC chip type hearing aid module xuritel mobile communication terminal. The mobile communication terminal includes: According to the present invention, in an interlaced scan type image with arbitrary luminance shape information, chrominance shape information is extracted on the basis of four adjacent luminance shape pixels in two lines of the same type field.

Patents Assigned to Curitel Communications, Inc. – Justia Patents Search

Get help to avoid missing the window for filing an IPR. Packet switched radio telecommunication system supporting hard handover and method for hard handover. Curitel plans to make an array of push-to-chat-enabled handsets available to operators in various regions around the world, including handsets in multiple price tiers serving different market segments.

A method is disclosed for transmitting a packet from a correspondent node to a mobile node when the mobile node moves from a home network to an external network equivalent to the correspondent node’s local network. Disclosed is a PPP session termination system and method in a dormant state of a mobile communication terminal.


Apparatus and method for automatically detecting presence of external device in mobile terminal. Mobile communication terminal equipped with location-based short message service system, location-based message generation method and location-based message display method.

Qualcomm and Curitel Communications Announce Plans to Develop BREWChat®-Enabled Handsets

The method may also include obtaining the COA at the home agent to update binding information on the mobile node, transmitting the updated binding information to a correspondent node, and setting a target IP address for the packet transmitted by the correspondent node.

Transport layer control device, method for transmitting packet, and method for receiving packet. Method and apparatus for extracting chrominance shape information for interlaced scan type image. In addition, two mobile communication terminals can play left-side and right-side audio data, respectively, which compose stereo audio data, according to the relative locations of the two mobile communication terminals.

A mobile communication terminal supporting a teletypewriter TTY device for a hard-of-hearing or speech-disabled user is provided. A transport layer control device includes a controller to establish or release a transmission control protocol TCP connection and to process retransmission of a lost packet using TCP, and a packet processor to number packets and to process transmission of the numbered packets using a user datagram protocol UDP. In Click-to-Call Technologies v. Disclosed herein are a mobile communication terminal equipped with a location-based short message service SMS system, a location-based message generation method and a location-based message display method.

The COA may be used to forward a packet intended for the mobile node by a home agent in the home network.

If the channel acquisition processor cannot acquire a channel for the second communication mode within a curtel time, the channel acquisition processor stops attempting to acquire the channel for the second communication mode and reattempts to acquire channel for the first communication mode.

Ingenio, the Federal Circuit held that when a complaint for patent infringement is served, the one-year period after which an IPR cannot be filed under 35 U.