Which Apple MacBook is best for you? It is compact, pleasingly portable, well-built, possessing a good spec and ready for business. I have friends at Intel, and I am sure their hearts were in the right place, but God bless them there is nothing at all extreme about this graphics solution! Toshiba Portege M laptop deals. Toshiba Portege M bottom view larger image.

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Even with a couple of document folders the complete package of laptop, bag, power brick, and assorted printed materials will scarcely equal the weight of a standard sized inch screen laptop. With an extra layer of magnesium-alloy on the lid, which protects the back of the screen from accidental damage, and a chassis built of toughened plastic, the M is more than a match for any casual knock.

In terms of hardware, the M is quite good for an ultra-portable. Even without EasyGuard, the M would be worth a long look.

When you consider the weight of this notebook it’s hard to imagine that it also contains a DVD Multi-Recorder optical drive. Not bad at prtege.

J300 4 Remove seven screw covers from the screen bezel. I have reviewed laptops in the same class as this Toshiba that used non-standard keyboard layouts and this can be frustrating.

Toshiba Portege M300 Review (pics, specs)

The Diversity Antenna, an EasyGuard element, offers built-in antennas for 2. Disconnect the video cable from the connecto on the LCD screen. Toshiba Portege M laptop deals. There are also a series of rubber grommets around the frame of the LCD that are meant to protect the LCD from impacts and forces that could cause it to crack.


For marketing purposes these features have been grouped together as the Toshiba EasyGuard Elements. Pentium M 1. It is time for them to start being more vocal about the intellectual property. Remove two screws securing display hinge covers. Sure, many people want a basic usable notebook and the ODM machines suffice — heck, even Toshiba contracts out the assembly of some of their products.

It would have been nice to see the new The lid and base are finished in metallic sliver finish that hides smudges and fingerprints well and the underside is black.

Glue screw covers somewhere on the screen bezel so they don’t get lost. Ergonomically the M is good for such a compact notebook computer. Its long battery life, small size and low weight make it an ideal travel companion. WiFi performance was quite good. Sound Sound output is quite good for a notebook in this class.

Power, Toshiba Assist, and presentation mode buttons are located along the left-hand side of the keyboard. I think that it would make a pretty good choice for someone doing transcontinental trips.

Toshiba Portege M300 laptop

As you may well expect from a notebook in this class, Toshiba has had to put a great deal of thought into protecting the components. Someone using an ultra thin, super compact and ultra low voltage notebook has different needs than a person who takes their laptop to LAN parties to play the latest games — that much is obvious. One of the first models to be developed with this philosophy is the Toshiba PortegeM Even though it is quite good, I was surprised by how much the keyboard flexes during typing.


Bluetooth is optional but should be standard on this class of machine. But not every consumer is obsessed with the race to zero. If you follow stepsyou’ll get access to the keyboard screws.

The drive supports all the standard formats, including DVD-RAM, making this the ideal choice for those who are opting for a notebook to free up valuable space at home.

Portege M Support | Toshiba

STEP 3 Remove two screws securing display hinge covers. Supporting the processor is MB of memory, which is more than enough to keep things ticking over neatly and the addition of a 60GB hard drive rounds out the tlshiba specifications in style. STEP 6 Remove all seven screws found under those screw covers.