Also, post all your variable declarations and DLL import statements so we can see if there’s something declared incorrectly. USBXPress driver also can drive them. I’ll keep this topic update once our driver team have the answer. This is the driver you get automatically if you connect a device for the first time, or if you “force” Windows to get the latest drivers. This is the version am using.

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Thanks a lot for your help. Show “Error finding USB device.

Using USBXpress and CPx

Now that I think of it, get driver version is no longer supported with the new WinUSB driver, so you usvxpress most likely using an older version. I too have encountered this issue. The driver has been removed for all versions on Windows Update. FYI, I have only changed the extensions to differentiate the differences, but I use it with.

I also do not use customized drivers. Replied Nov 175: Replied Jul 258: This is the version am using. Can you upload the C project you’re trying to use?


Replied Jul 243: Replied Nov 177: It may take a few days to propagate through the Windows release server, but the automatic updates should no longer occur once this happens.

VCP driver can drive them. Replied Jul 29 Sorry for the problem.

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I have tested this on both Win7 x32 and Win7 x64 so far, the behaviour is identical on both OSes. I’ve noticed a recent change in which driver you get automatically via the windows update function Thanks for making things clear while I was afk: I have tried both x86 and x64 bit versions.

From the previous answers in the thread usbxprress seems that Windows is improperly assigning the driver for a VCP device? I am using the sample code provided with the SDK. Maybe below post helps: I believe it’s a WinUsb-based driver, since I was able to get some results usbxptess the 3.

List driver only shows the current driver? But the driver has the version 6. Post Windows Update to version 6.

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I think I’m not mixing stuff up here, I believe the VCP drivers usbxrpess even installed on my machines. According to the current information, there is something wrong with the PID and driver matching.

How to update the USBXpress driver version (Legacy) to the (Latest) using the program.

Because of the small incompatibilities between USBXpress v3. Replied Dec 034: Replied Nov 172: Ussbxpress Jan 13 We do not plan on adding USBXpress to the Windows Update system in the future to prevent exactly these types of issues from happening, and we apologize for the inconvenience this caused.

Make sure you call the get DLL version function to confirm in case the application is loading a different DLL than you think. I’ll keep this topic update once our driver team have the answer.